Thursday, March 21, 2019

All the Wrong Places - Joy Fielding

Joy Fielding's latest book All the Wrong Places is newly released.

The title immediately brought to mind the phrase 'looking for love in all the wrong places'.

Paige's breakup with her boyfriend was not friendly and she's hestitant to get back into the dating scene. But, convinced by her mother and best friend, she joins a number of online dating sites. Social media has made these sites even quicker - swipe left or right for immediate results. Results is what Mr. Right Now is looking for - he's a serial killer using the sites and apps to troll for victims.

Relationships, companionship, love and the search for those are the driving forces behind Fielding's latest tale. Paige's mother Joan, her cousin Heather and her best friend Chloe are also looking.

The killer is given his own chapters and voice. He's most definitely not someone you want to meet. As readers, we know what he's up to and what he's planning. He has his eye on Paige. And every
time Paige goes online I get that 'don't go in the basement' feeling.

All the Wrong Places ended up being a bit different than I had expected going in, as it was billed as a thriller. Much of the book is focused on the relationships of the four women. Drama. Lots of detail on clothes, hair etc that seemed extraneous after a certain point. Joan's many trips to the hospital. And the reason for her last trip just seemed awkward. Not sure if it was a PSA for those over sixty five? Heather was over the top - you can easily slot her into the mean girls with narcissism role. Philandering husband? Check. Spousal abuse. Check. Starting over. Check. And etcetera.

I like my suspense and thrillers to be a little grittier. Fielding does end the book on a nice twist that I appreciated. And just like dating, this was maybe just the wrong book for me. I think All the Wrong Places would appeal to fans of Iris Johansen and Tami Hoag. Read an excerpt of All the Wrong Places. Check out the five star reviews on Goodreads.


Mystica said...

Thank you for an honest review.

Icewineanne said...

Excellent review Luanne.
Read one of Fielding’s years ago, it wasn’t for me...this one doesn’t appeal either. Fielding has never really been a ‘thriller’ writer, so this sounds her (and publisher’s) attempt to cash in on the popular thriller market. Think I’ll give this one a pass as I’m not a fan of Johansen or Hoag either.
Hope your next book is more satisfying ;-)

Luanne said...

Thanks Mystica - I try to always write what I think....

Icewineanne - thank you as well. We can't love them all....

Dianna said...

I really like a thriller to be suspenseful and a nail-biter. It's frustrating to expect that intensity, then find out a book is just a drama. Glad to read your review since I'll know to skip this one.

Luanne said...

Dianne - I agree!