Saturday, October 28, 2017

Hello Sunshine - Laura Dave

Hello Sunshine is the latest book from Laura Dave.

Sunshine Mackenzie is an online culinary star, best selling author and has a husband who supports her efforts and goals. Until someone hacks her accounts and exposes her for the fraud she is. You see, she can't cook. Nope, those recipes aren't hers. And the devoted husband? She's cheating on him.

With those revelations happening early on in the book, I found myself immediately disliking Sunshine. What did she think was going to happen eventually? She has nowhere to go except to see her estranged sister Rain. Yes, Sunshine and Rain - a wee bit twee eh? Sunshine plays a wounded card that only fueled my dislike for her. Rain has her own life and her own issues. But because we only see her through Sunshine's jaded view, she comes across as excessively negative. The only bright spot character was the precocious niece.

I did chose to listen to Hello Sunshine. The narrator was Joy Osmanski - a reader I do enjoy. She's got a clear, concise way of speaking. She adds lots of inflection to her reading. As always, Osmanski delivers a wonderful reading. But, even her performance could not raise my opinion of the book. I dis finish it to see if things were 'better' by the end. For me Sunny's 'road to redemption' only confirmed that I really didn't like her - and frankly didn't care about her at all. And her last decision was a big mistake in my opinion. Sadly this one was a big miss for me. Listen to an excerpt of Hello Sunshine.

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bermudaonion said...

Sorry to see this was a stinker for you. I had high hopes for it.