Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Thirst - Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo always has me worried that there won't be another Harry Hole book at the end of every novel. This is the what I wrote about the tenth book 'Police'.

".... Nesbo snatches it away again in the final pages with another gut wrenching ending that will have fans counting down the days 'til the next entry in this fantastic series."

Well, three years later, the eleventh book - The Thirst - is here. And, boy oh boy, was it worth the wait! I have loved every one of the 'Harry' books, but have to say this is, in my opinion, the best one - yet.

Tinder users swipe right to say yes. In The Thirst, they don't realize they're also saying yes to death. Someone is using the hook-up app as a trolling ground for a killing spree. What's really frightening is the method - and weapon - he's using. And that there may be a connection to a past case - one of Harry Hole's. "Now it was time. Time he drank from the well of life again. Time he returned."

Harry is enjoying his life - he has stopped drinking, works as a college crime lecturer and life with Rakel and Oleg is good. But...there's that pull, that undercurrent, that frisson of excitement, the draw to the darkness, the thrill of the chase. "Possible the best, possibly the worst, but certainly the most mythological murder detective in the Oslo Police..."

Readers will be happy to hear that Harry is still Harry - a dark, dangerous, conflicted and complicated protagonist I can't get enough of. While Harry is reluctantly pulled out of retirement, the rest of the supporting players are still in place. The one we love to hate - the self-serving chief, the ones we cheer for - the dogged crime tech, former protegees of Harry and some new additions. There are undercurrents to each player's life that also drive the plot forward, in addition to the main plot. Supporting characters also have a voice and POV. The reader is privy to the maneuvering happening behind the scenes.

And what a plot it is! Brilliant, gritty, action packed and completely unpredictable. Nesbo absolutely kept me guessing. I was pretty sure I knew who the killer was. I did and I didn't. Nesbo fooled me - I love not be able to figure out the answers in a crime novel. And just when I thought things were tied up, I realized there were still one hundred pages to go!  The ending? Absolutely perfect and unexpected. I cannot wait for book twelve!

The Thirst is a great title - it can be interpreted in so many ways - through both the killer's and Harry's eyes. Read an excerpt of The Thirst. If you've not read this series before, I encourage you to start at the beginning to fully appreciate this character and Nesbo's writing. Absolutely recommended!

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Ethan said...

I read the first novel years ago, but the second novel has languished on my TBR shelf ever since. I'm not really sure why either. I absolutely devoured the first one! You've inspired me to jump back into this series!