Saturday, May 20, 2017

Backyard Living with DK Canada

Well, it's the Victoria Day weekend (aka May 24) and for Canadians that means it is summer - no matter what the calendar says.

And with summer comes porch sitting, campfire viewing and get-togethers with friends and family. And of course a few liquid libations. Now, I don't drink alcohol, so I was quite excited to discover Mocktails Punches and Shrubs from DK Canada. Subtitled: Over 80 Nonalchoholic Drinks to Savor and Enjoy. Vikas Khanna is the author.

As a chef, Khanna has explored flavors, tastes and scents. Taking that knowledge...."This collection of drinks is a fruition of all those experiences and insights."

Khanna has ten different categories for drinks, depending on your mood and your guests: Fruity Flavors, Cool and Refreshing, Sparkle and Fizz, Superfood Burst, Tangy Shrubs, Smoothies and Slushies, Floral and Fragrant, Sugar and Spice, Time for Tea and Tradition with a Twist. There are also appendices detailing essential ingredients, techniques and equipment.

I jumped right to the Tangy Shrubs chapter as I really wanted to know what a shrub was! Other than a tree in my yard. "Shrub is a fruit and vinegar based drink." Hmm, I will definitely had to try one of these. But first, Fruity Flavors!

Cherry Cherry Everywhere was quick, easy and I had the ingredients already on hand. Cherries, cranberry juice, coconut cream and a bit of lime and vanilla extract. Next I tried Cucumberade as I also had the ingredients on hand. I've dropped cucumber slices in my water before but hadn't considered adding sugar and lemon juice to make a '...ade'. I liked it. Khanna encourages the reader to 'play with your imagination' and do some creating of your own.

There are color photos accompanying many of the recipes, but not all. The paper stock used is not glossy stock, but is instead a matte finish.The pictures are a reminder that presentation is just as important. The recipe page is clear and easy to read. Ingredients, method and a short blurb from Khanna are on every recipe page. See the example below. (And the sangria is on my short list)

This is a collection of unusual and inventive drinks. There are some recipes that call for ingredients I would have to seek out. But, I'll be having fun this summer trying to see how many I can concoct. Cheers!

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Icewineanne said...

Sangria is my favourite summer drink. Thanks for sharing :)