Friday, July 26, 2013

Death of Yesterday - M. C. Beaton

I'm not much of a cozy mystery reader, but there are a few series I quite enjoy and follow faithfully.

M.C. Beaton writes a number of series, but it is the Hamish MacBeth mysteries that have me hooked. Lately, I've chosen to only listen to them. The latest, Death of Yesterday, is the 29th in the series.

Sergeant Hamish MacBeth lives and works in the small Scottish village of Lochdubh. When Morag, a secretary at a local clothing factory reports that she was drugged and her sketchbook stolen when she was at the local pub, Hamish does, of course,  interview her. But, Morag is distinctly unlikable and he isn't looking forward to following up with her. Until she's found murdered.....

Not much changes in the village or in Beaton's stories, but I find great comfort in listening to familiar characters. Inspector Blair is still determined to best Hamish, but continues to fail miserably. The quirky Currie sisters sisters, local shopkeepers and other familiar inhabitants of the village are all comforting to revisit. And of course Hamish's love life - will he ever choose between Elspeth and Priscilla? The addition of Dick Fraser as a live in copper at the station was fun - there's more to Dick than meets the eye.

The Morag plot line becomes quite involved with numerous threads. The addition of other small cases along the way were an added bonus. Hamish is quick to let others take credit for his crime solving - he doesn't want to leave the quiet and comfort of Lochdubh.

And why do I only listen to the Hamish books? Well, one of my favourite readers is the narrator. Graeme Malcolm has personified the character for me over the years. He is Scottish himself, so the accent is spot on, but easy to understand.  His voice is full and sonorous and quite expressive.

Those looking for a quirky, cosy little series would find it here. Read an excerpt of Death of Yesterday. Or listen to an excerpt. You can find M.C. Beaton on Facebook.

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