Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sophie Kinsella - Q and A!!

Yes, you read that right - THE Sophie Kinsella! To celebrate the North American release of her new book I've Got Your Number on February 14th, Sophie has been making some blog stops around Canada. And I was lucky enough to have her answer a few questions for A Bookworm's World. (You can read my review of I've Got Your Number here - five stars!)

Hello Sophie!

I absolutely adored I've Got Your Number! In fact, I think it's my favourite of your books!

Hello Luanne! Thank you so much - I'm delighted that you enjoyed the book. :)

What ingredients do you need to mix together to stir up a fantastic chick lit read?
Good question! Every book is different and I can only speak for my own novels, but I always try to write with comedy, a page-turning plot, relevance to today's world and a heroine that the reader can root for. Some romance never goes amiss either :) I also take care to develop interesting secondary characters.

 Are you currently working on another book? Can you give us any hints? Pretty please?
Ha ha.... ! The answer is yes, but although that was definitely the most charmingly put question I've ever had... sorry, I can't tell you any more! I find it impossible to talk about my work when I'm in the middle of it, especially when I'm at the planning stage, which I am right now. It feels too fragile to share just yet.

 Confessions of a Shopaholic was a wonderful movie. What other Kinsella book would you like to see make it's way to the big screen?
Seeing my book turned into a movie was the most amazing experience. I would be happy to see any of the others turned into a movie and in fact several are in development for film and TV right now. Equally, I'm very happy for them to remain books and stay in people's heads - just the way they originally pictured them.

Which character are you most fond of?
Tough question! How do I choose? It will have to be Becky Bloomwood as she has powered not one, but six novels, and I don't think she's done yet!

What/where do you find the inspiration for your main characters? Are they based on anyone you know? (or yourself?)
There are bits of me in all my heroines and I'm sure that traits from friends and family members have crept in here and there... but none of my characters is plucked exactly from real life. Most of my fictional characters are a little more extreme than anything I come across in real life!

What do you like to read? What are you reading right now?
I love to read anything that grips me and helps me escape from my day-to-day existence - from comedy to thrillers to the latest Booker prize winner. Right now I'm re-reading Shadow Dancer by Tom Bradby which could not be more different from my own kind of books. It's a thriller about terrorism in Northern Ireland and has just been made into a movie which I'm longing to see.

Any other tidbit(s) you'd like to share with us? - favourite junk food/ what does your writing day look like/favourite leading man in a movie/have you ever visited Canada?
Favourite junk food - has to be chocolate. I once read that it is a superfood, so now I try to make out that it's healthy to stuff down a Galaxy bar. My writing day can be anything from a few hours planning in a coffee shop with a notebook and pen, to a marathon pounding at the computer. But one rule is always the same - I need coffee to write. Favourite leading man in a movie... hmm, not sure. Maybe George and Brad, tied equal, in Ocean's Eleven.
I have visited Canada several times and absolutely loved it. I think I've had the best signings of all in Canada and everyone is so warm and friendly. I hope I'll be back soon!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

It is a great pleasure!




Melissa said...

OMG! You are so lucky!!! Great interview!

Bingo said...

Fabulous interview, Luanne! I am jealous but glad to know how much you liked Sophie's new book. Now I will have to get a copy!

bermudaonion said...

I'm excited to see there might be another book with Becky Bloomwood!!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this interview...Sophie is so sweet! I would love another book with Becky Bloomwood. The Shopaholic nocels were such fun!

Thanks for this great interview Luanne!

Carnation said...

wow lucky you! i love all her books! just finished reading the latest one, and i was chuckling most of the time, and a few times i laughed out loud!

Luanne said...

Melissa - I know! And thank you!

Bingo - It's such a good read!

Kathy - Yep, it sounds like it doesn't it?

Amy - thank you!

Carnation - they are just such fun reads aren't they!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Sophie's Can You Keep A Secret? the most!!
Haven't read I've Got Your Number being in Nigeria and stuff...but I'll order for it once I get a credit card! Loved your review too, Luanne!