Monday, June 6, 2011

The Ranger - Ace Atkins

Ace Atkins was a new to me author. But he was quickly added to my 'must read authors' list. His latest novel The Ranger (releases June 9th) is phenomenal!

Quinn Colson, an Army Ranger, returns to his hometown of Jericho in Tibbehah County, Mississippi. He's on leave to attend the funeral of his Uncle Hamp, who was the sheriff of Jericho. Quinn hasn't been home in almost seven years. As he reconnects with his past, the underbelly of Tibbehah County shows itself. Meth dealers, crooked politicians and wounded souls populate the county. Determined to hold on to a piece of family property, Quinn decides to stick around for a bit. Aided by his old friend Boom, back from Iraq minus an arm, and Lillie Virgil - a female deputy as tough as nails, Quinn goes head to head with the slime bent on taking whatever they want in Tibbehah County.

Atkins has put a great spin on the old fashioned western. Our heroes are those who have faced the horrors of war and have come home to find just as ugly a war on the home front. Racism, drugs and corruption are all coiled like a snake under the front porch, waiting to strike.

The dialogue is short and terse, with no unnecessary speeches to clutter up the action. It just adds to the overall tone of the book. Much is said by the words left unspoken. The characters populating the novel are all vividly drawn. The landscape and settings are just as stark and gritty. I had a clear picture in my head as I read.

Or rather, raced through the book. I literally could not put it down.The action is fast and furious. Secondary plots involving past relationships and new relatives do add a human touch to Quinn's character.

The ending is set up for the second book in the series - due out in summer of 2012. One I will be picking up for sure. 'Cause we all need a hero...

Fans of Lee Child's Jack Reacher will find a new favourite character in Quinn Colson. This would also appeal to fans of Randy Wayne White and James Lee Burke where setting is such an important part of the book. 


Anonymous said...

I'm going to make a note of this one because I think it's one my husband would like. He used to always wait until books came out in mass market paperback, but now he has a Kindle. I told him that he would like getting books soon after they are published. Thanks Luanne!

bermudaonion said...

I discovered Ace Atkins graduated from the same high school my son did and I've been anxious to read his work. You've made this sound fantastic!

Luanne said...

Kay and Kathy - it is definitely a page turner!!