Friday, June 3, 2011

Ex-Girlfriends United - Matt Dunn

I read and reviewed Matt Dunn's book The Ex- Boyfriend's Handbook last year and quite enjoyed it. Dunn writes - well - chick lit or rather lad lit if you will. It's the same light fun hearted read, but from a male perspective.

Dunn reprises the two lead characters - Edward, who turned his life around after being dumped by his girlfriend. And Dan, Edward's best friend - a womanizer whose best friend is his mirror.

The tables are turned in Ex-Girlfriends United. Dan's womanizing has caught up to him. His past girlfriends are rating him at an online review site Slate Your Date. And it's not good... Dan and Edward set out to to clean up Dan's reputation - and maybe win back the one girl he did love. But Edward has his own issues when his ex - Jane - decides she wants Edward back.

What makes Dunn's books for is that other side of the coin view. The 'what does it mean if she does this?' or 'Should I call and when?' and more. Dan, of course, has very set 'rules' of engagement. Edward is more naive and sweeter. Edward is the boyfriend you'd want to have. Dan, well.... Dan's dialogue sometimes veers past funny and crude into just plain crass. I think this is my only complaint about the book.The repartee between the two characters is quick and witty. But I do wonder how and why the two of them are friends, being such polar opposites.

Other than that (and really it wasn't that bad) Ex-Girlfriends United is perfect for the beach bag. It won't tax your brain, but will provide an entertaining read with some laughs along the way.

Cover blurb from Sophie Kinsella - " A hilarious insight into the male mind"

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Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Ogh this sounds like a fun suimmer book. I haven't read the first, though, so I need to get to that first, I suppose.