Friday, December 10, 2010

My 60's Trivia Notebook - Scribbler Mania

Here's a fun little book for that hard to buy for person of a certain age or your favourite trivia buff.

Do you remember the 'scribblers' you learned to print and write in? That's the size of My 60's Trivia Notebook and yes, those familiar lines are there so you can practice your cursive letters. Remember dot to dots? Those are scattered throughout as well.

Every month in every year of the decade features highlights from that time period. Iconic news events, pop and culture references fill the bottom half of each page. Most fun though were the quiz questions. I surprised myself with how many I was able to answer!

My 60's Trivia Notebook is a fun little interactive book to read yourself or take along to your next get together to share those quiz questions with friends. Have a peek inside. Or stop by their Facebook page to share your memories.

Kudos to the three Canadian women who took a great idea to the next level. You can buy My 60's Trivia Notebook online direct from Scribbler Mania or from a number of retailers in the Toronto area. Watch for the next book in the series.

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Donna said...

You're right, this would make a great gift (and I'm desperately looking for some of those right now!). I'll check it out.