Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clinton St. Baking Company Cookbook - DeDe Lahman & Neil Kleinberg

Okay, here's another one that's definitely gift card worthy. Check out the cover - drooling yet?

DeDe Lahman and Neil Kleinberg own and operate the 32 seat Clinton St. Baking Company and Restaurant in New York City. Apparently the line up is always out the door - and once I read the book, I could see why.

It's comfort food, pure and simple.

"What's our secret? Neil says, 'It's love." I say it's that we make simple American classics using serious-chef techniques. Time and time again, we've been asked by devoted guests for our recipes, and now, without further ado, here they are."

I think that's why I found this cookbook so appealing - it's food that makes you feel good. Their first signature item was the classic buttermilk biscuit. Yep, I tried it on the boy who loves homemade biscuits in my house and he noticed that it wasn't my 'regular' recipe right away - as he grabbed another one.

The Clinton St. Baking Company specializes in (but isn't limited to) breakfasts and brunches. There are lots of variation on biscuit breakfasts. The muffin recipes are amazing as are the pancakes! The key is using fresh ingredients as much as possible.

Eggs. There's a great step by step full colour explanation of how to make a perfect three fold omelet. I've always flipped it to cook the 'inside' - wrong. I tried Neil's method and it makes for a 'fluffier' finished product.

Soups (the Maple Butter Squash was easy and delicious) paired with any of the great (simple!) sandwiches (grilled goat cheese - yummy) are perfect for a winter supper.

Sides, drinks and condiments are all featured as well. But the desserts....oh boy decadent. Flourless chocolate cake - simple but a hit!

Full colour glossy photos accompany every recipe. (And there are over 100 included)The instructions are clearly written as are the ingredient lists. I enjoyed the mini essays that DeDe has included explaining their background and thoughts on each entry.

Easy recipes that will impress everyone.  Take a look inside and you'll see what I mean!

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Kaye said...

My omelets don't come out too fluffy. Hmmmm . . now you've got me curious as to that method.

Happy New Year, Luanne, and wishing you great books, good health and peaceful happiness for 2011.