Friday, June 26, 2009

Priceless Memories - Bob Barker (audio book)

I listened to Priceless Memories in audio format. I was so glad to hear Bob Barker reading it himself. That voice brings back so many memories. His inflection and diction is still impeccable at 85.

Who hasn't watched The Price is Right? I remember watching it with my family when I was younger and my kids watched it too. Do you realize Bob Barker was on television for over 50 years in total!?

I had forgotten that he hosted Truth or Consequences as well for 18 years. I remember waiting to see what prank or reunion would take place.

Priceless Memories is the story of Bob's life. There is so much more behind the public persona. He was raised on a Native American reservation and his father died when he was quite young. His mother raised him alone. He was also Navy fighter pilot. (I did get a little bogged down in the technical tales here) Married to his childhood sweetheart, Dorothy Jo, Barker pays great tribute to both her and his mother.

Dorothy Jo was by his side as they forged ahead into the new world of television after putting much time into radio and live show. I found these chapters quite fascinating.

Barker has had quite the career. Again, I had forgotten some things I had seen him participate in, such as the Miss Universe Beauty Pageants and the Rose Bowl Parade master of ceremonies - both for over twenty years.

Of course you can't forget his signature closing line - "Help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered." Much of the book is devoted to his unfailing activism for animal rights.

I enjoyed listening to this biography. Barker has a fantastic memory or kept great journals - the stories are very detailed. Sometimes a little too much so, but all in all a good listen. I most enjoyed the memories of the game shows.

Listen to an excerpt of Priceless Memories. Or read an excerpt.

What was your favourite PIR game? I was always partial to Plinko. Here's a list from Wikipedia.


bermudaonion said...

I'm glad this is good. I'm looking forward to listening to this because I think Bob Barker has always handled himself with class. Nothing flustered him when he hosted those shows.

Linda Nguyen said...

wow, I'm glad you've enjoyed it. I used to watch The Price is Right as well. I can also remember him in Happy Gillmore. =)

Anna said...

I have this on audio, too. My husband and I started it when we went on vacation, and we're almost finished with it. It's very good. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading Bob Barkers book, Priceless Memories. I grew up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation. Bob’s mother, Matilda Barker, was Superintendent of Schools when I was in the second grade. She flunked me when I was in the second grade. I have kept my second grade report card, which has her name on it, as a souvenir. I was a Swiss immigrant child and my command of the English language was marginal. We lived in a sod house 4 miles NE of Mission. I attended the same group of wooden school buildings that Bob attended. We were equipped with cast iron wood burning stoves and outhouse restrooms. The Barkers left the reservation before I started the third grade, so I convinced my third grade teacher to let me proceed in the third grade. The reservation school system was quite good. I eventually earned BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering.
I agree with Bob, that growing up on the Rosebud Reservation was a great experience. I enjoyed many of the same experiences that he mentions in his book.