Friday, June 5, 2009

The G-Free Diet - Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Most likely you've seen Elisabeth Hasselbeck as one of the co hosts on the television show The View. She was also on the reality TV show Survivor. And that's where things clicked for her. For years she had suffered debilitating stomach, digestive and bowel problems. With only rice to eat on the show, she felt great. Coming back to 'civilization' and resuming eating bread, she finally made the connection.

The G-Free Diet is an all encompassing handbook, for those with celiac disease, with gluten intolerance, for those who live with them and for those who want to 'clean up' their diet.

Gluten intolerance/celiac disease has an astonishing amount of symptoms and is associated with a wide ranging number of conditions. Among them are osteoporosis, reproductive issues, malnutrition, autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia, and many many more.

Elisabeth's book is subtitled a gluten free survival guide and it is just that. Covering everything from diagnosis, definitions, to living with this condition and many tips she has learned in her own journey.

I was surprised to find that gluten is found in many health and beauty products such as shampoos and lip gloss.

The G-Free Diet covers social aspects - dining out at restaurants, with friends and family and travelling. Did you know that IPhone has a gluten free restaurant application? What if you have a child with this condition? Keeping a gluten free kitchen, reading labels and shopping.

There are fantastic resource lists included. Definitions of all the ways and places gluten can be found and listed. Lists of 'safe' foods, online resources and information and other books for further reading.

After reading this I have a new respect for someone living with this condition. And I think I might just investigate some of the other grains listed that are gluten free. Many people are choosing to eat this way for an energy boost, weight loss and feeling healthier. Something to consider....


avisannschild said...

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Lenore Appelhans said...

I try to eat as gluten-free as possible because I have much more energy. I'll have to get this book!!