Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best Intentions - Emily Listfield

Emily Listfield is a new author for me - and one I was happy to discover.

Best Intentions tells the story of four college friends. The story is told in first person from Lisa's perspective. Lisa and Sam married and have two beautiful daughters. Sam is a journalist, always on the trail of the next big story. Lisa works in public relations. They are relatively happy, but money is always a worry. She also has some doubts about Sam's fidelity. Dierdre is her best friend. Successful in business, but not in love, she wants to settle down and have a child. Jack was her lover in college, but moved away and married someone else. In New York for a job interview, Jack contacts them all to get together for his 4oth birthday. This seemingly innocuous celebration brings old tensions, lies, betrayals to the forefront. With deadly results.

Listfield explores and examines the fabric of a marriage, parental bonds, the intricacies of a friendship, trust, the pressures of modern day work and life and the influence the past has on the present. Her scenes and dialogue are seamless and flowing, allowing you to become immersed in Lisa's life. The suspense/murder plot line is subtly introduced and skillfully blended into the existing story. Neither overpowers the other. The murder itself is not clear cut - it could be one of three and the answer changes as the story twists again. Although I enjoyed the suspense of the murder, I think I enjoyed the character development even more - especially Lisa.

I really enjoyed this one and couldn't put it down- spent Sunday in a lawn chair 'til the very last page.

Read an excerpt of Best Intentions.

There is a reading guide available and you can contact Emily to speak to your book group or catch up with her on her blog.

Thanks to Lauren and Atria Books for this review copy. Want a chance to own a copy? Enter my giveaway here. Ends July 11/09.


Anna said...

Sounds like a great read. I've seen a lot of positive reviews, so I might check it out at some point. I like that the murder isn't easily figured out. Thanks for the review!

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Patti V. said...

Your review makes it sound even better!!

bermudaonion said...

If all I saw was the cover of this book, I wouldn't want to read it, but I've read so many great reviews - it's on my wishlist now.

Darlene said...

Glad you liked it Luanne. I had a hard time putting it down as well.

Linda Nguyen said...

Thank you for the review. I don't think I would have picked up this book simply based on its cover. I also enjoy mysteries that give nothing away until the end. =)

Judy said...

I love a good mystery now and then. Sounds good. Judy