Monday, October 27, 2008

Mega Picture Puzzles- by What!Design

--Challenge Yourself to Spot the Differences--

Okay I admit it - I love puzzles, jumbles, crosswords, sudoku, spot the differences, any game that keeps your mind active. Does anyone else remember the hidden picture puzzle in Highlights Magazine from their younger years?

This new release from Ulysses Press features 148 different puzzles. There are two of every photograph, all in full colour with up to twelve differences between the two images. They range in difficulty from starter to advanced, something for all ages. And if you're really stuck - the answers are in the back. There are a series of boxes to check off the differences as you spot them. I was a bit loath to mark up the book, as it is so nice.

I was thinking that this would be a good book to have on hand to give as a gift - birthday or Christmas.

Thanks to Mini Book Expo for the opportunity to review this book!


Anonymous said...

I love puzzles, too!

Unknown said...

This looks like a really good book. My son and I usually do these when we find them in his little magazines.