Friday, June 20, 2008

Sail - James Patterson and Howard Roughan

Okay, so my brain is still kind of mushy from holidays and I'm having a hard time actually realizing I still have to work, so yes - I read a Patterson.

I think he pumps out a new novel every six months or so. You pretty much know what you're getting - larger type and margins, short chapters and a story that won't challenge you. A good beach read. Sail is no exception.

I was a bit thrown when I first started - the opening pages are a character synopsis. I would expect this to be developed through the story, but not the case here. The premise is interesting. Dr. Katherine Dunne and her three children ( all with their own issues) decide to go for a vacation aboard the family sailboat. Dunne has remarried - Peter, a lawyer - after the death of her husband. Peter is unable to go on the trip, but Jake, the children's uncle goes with them. The trip seems doomed as the boat breaks almost immediately breaks down. Their radio is knocked out and a deadly storm is approaching. Won't spoil the rest - but someone definitely doesn't want the Dunnes to have a good vacation......

Again, no challenge, but if you're up for some mindless reading this is a perfect choice.

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sevnetus said...

I am happy that an expert on books (you) thinks so highly of The Dress Lodger. I like it too. Follow your bliss!