Monday, June 30, 2008

Black Out - Lisa Unger

This is Unger's third novel. Her first two, Beautiful Lies and Sliver of Truth were both bestsellers. Black Out will be a bestseller as well.

Annie Powers has the perfect life. An attentive husband, a beautiful daughter, a lovely home and enough money to do what she wants. But it's all a sham, a cover. Annie used to be Ophelia March. When Ophelia was a teenager she was caught up in the spell of a psychotic serial killer. Barely escaping with mind and body intact, she 'killed' off Ophelia and thought it was all behind her. But someone is leaving hints that Annie recognizes as belonging to Ophelia's life. The body of the killer - Marlowe Geary - was never found. He can't still be alive can he? Has he come back to claim Ophelia? Annie's husband Gray will do anything to protect her and Annie will do anything to protect her daughter Victory.

Annie cannot remember much of her past. Her mind has blacked out a lot of it. What is real and what is imagined? She has to try and remember the past and what really happened.

The story alternates tantalizingly between the present and the past. Just when you're caught up in one story, it switches to the other. Very addicting but tiring when you just want to read one more chapter at 1:00 am!

This was an engrossing read. Unger keeps us off balance with plot twists and turns that you don't always see coming. The ending brings yet another twist.

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