Friday, June 6, 2008

The Pile on the Floor - Various Authors

Okay so the above are only a few in my pile on the floor.....some are due back at the library soon. Ahh!! Too many books and not enough time... Scroll down for a brief description of each.
What are you reading? Or hoping to read?
"Rescued from a Dumpster on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a discarded diary brings to life the glamorous forgotten world of an extraordinary young woman."
( Jonathan Kellerman's son) Ethan Muller finds a treasure trove of art in a New York slum. He presents it as his own at an art show. The police are interested as the paintings are part of a four decades old murder investigation.
A woman's world is turned upside down when new evidence frees a man she put in prison with her testimony years ago."
The House at Riverton - Kate Morton
" A sweeping debut novel set in England between the wars. It is the story of an aristocratic family, a house, a mysterious death and a vanishing way of life, told by a woman who witnessed it all and kept a secret for a lifetime."
"This is a story for anyone who has ever wondered: How can I truly love the one I'm with when I can't forget the one who got away?" This is the 4th novel from Giffin - the previous three have all been New York Times bestsellers.

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