Friday, January 30, 2015

The Killer Next Door - Alex Marwood

I read Alex Marwood's debut novel, The Wicked Girls, last year (my review) and immediately knew she would be on my 'must read' list. Well, her second novel, The Killer Next Door, is even better than her first book.

23 Beulah Grove is a run down London house, divided into six tiny rooms and overseen by a decidedly creepy landlord. Each of the six residents have their own stories - and their own secrets. So the house suits - cash rent, no references, no questions

You'll be hooked from the opening pages as we slowly come to know Lisa, newly moved into number 23. And as she meets the others, we know something she doesn't - one of them is a killer. An accident at the house one night pushes the residents into an uneasy alliance -and gives them all one more secret to keep.

Oh man, can Marwood write an absolutely creepy, addicting, thrill ride of a read. Each new chapter adds another clue as to who the killer might be. The killer has his own chapters - his mindset and crime(s) are suitably gruesome - and quite imaginative. (fair warning to gentle readers)

Marwood paints vivid pictures of this run down house and its occupants. I had a clear picture of the dank basement, the underlit hallways and the peeling wallpaper. Each of the players is just as vividly depicted and I often found myself holding my breath along with the characters.

The plotting is ingenious and absolutely kept me off balance - I thought I had sussed things out, but was proven wrong. There are twists, turns and herrings everywhere. Along with some darkly humourous moments as well.

I think this would actually make a great movie. Absolutely recommended - I can't wait to read what Alex Marwood writes next. Read an excerpt of The Killer Next Door. You can find Alex Marwood on Twitter.


Kay said...

I read WICKED GIRLS last year. Loved it. And I actually have a copy of this one on the shelf. Not sure why I haven't picked it up yet, but I'm glad to know that it is good. Yay!

bermudaonion said...

I need to check to see if I have this - you've made it sound like a must read!