Wednesday, March 6, 2024

The New Couple in 5B - Lisa Unger

The New Couple in 5B is Lisa Unger's latest (and much awaited) book.

Rosie and Chad are fortunate enough to inherit a beautiful apartment in a historic building in New York City, complete with a doorman. The other owners are quite welcoming to the young couple. Almost a little too much really. And the doorman seems be there 24/7. And what about that... And we'll stop there. It's much better to discover the rest yourself. 

Unger brings the tension in and ramps it up, over and over again. I had my suspicions about what might happen. I was partially right, but there were twists and turns I couldn't predict. 

Just as twisty turny was Rosie and Chad's marriage. I wanted to shout out loud at Rosie! She seems to have blinders on when it comes to Chad. I must admit to getting frustrated with her. The inclusion of an 'entity' caught me off guard. I quite liked the two timelines that gives us a look at the history of residents of 5B.

This book kept me engrossed from first chapter to last. My only quibble was Rosie. She was just so willing to forgive and forget ever thing Chad does. I didn't see her as the strong woman she purported to be.   

I chose to listen to the audio of The New Couple in 5B. The narrator was Vivienne Leheny
She's such a wonderful reader. Her voice has so movement to it - up, down, and she easily captures the tones, emotion and so much more. Perfect for what's happening in the plot. The voices she employed all matched the mental images that I had created for the characters. Her voices for male players were believable. A great performance of a really good tale.

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