Monday, November 20, 2023

Class - Stephanie Land

Star studded tell-alls are of no interest to me. Instead I find myself invariably drawn to memoirs of everyday people. The struggles and the triumphs - and real life.

Stephanie Land's first book, Maid, was a runaway bestseller. I thought it was a fantastic read. I was eager to turn the first page of Land's new book - Class.

Land's desire to be a writer and the love she has for her daughter were the driving forces in pursuing that goal.  Class brings us the next chapter - life while raising a young child, working as a cleaner, attending a four year college, homework, hunger, childcare and more. All from the under the poverty line.

Land's determination is so inspiring. She gets knocked down but keeps getting up. Trying to find her way through the byzantine agencies that seem to contradict each other. Facing judgment at school, at work and in society. Being judged as a mother and a woman by those who have no idea what she's struggling with. Now, that's not everyone, but there are enough.

I like the honesty of Land's work and not making it all 'pretty'. I don't think memoirs can be rated or judged. Each of us has their own way of doing things, achieving goals and living. I appreciate Stephanie Land's sharing of her journey. So far. I wonder if there will be another chapter? See for yourself - read an excerpt of Class. Definitely recommended. 

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