Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The Little Italian Hotel - Phaedra Patrick

I've enjoyed many of Phaedra Patrick's books. Her latest is The Little Italian Hotel.

If you're like me, I find sometimes I just need to take a break from my usual murder and mayhem reads and pick up a tale that tugs at the heartstrings.

Ginny hosts a radio advice show. But the tables are turned when Ginny is in need of some help herself. She decides to share a planned romantic getaway for two  - and instead she'll meet up with four of her listeners in a different, smaller Italian hotel. 

Each of the five players is mourning a loss and they're heart broken. Can they find some solace with new friends? A different setting? Talking about it? Trying new things? Getting out in the world again? The group tries all of these. And slowly....

Patrick has done a good job with drawing five very different characters and portraying their loss. You'll empathize with at least one, if not more of them. There's lots of food for thought in this plot.  

The supporting cast in Italy is just as engaging. And the setting is so well drawn. I'd live to check into Nico's little hotel. 

I'm not one hundred per cent on the final chapters. I think my decision would be different for Ginny. But it suits the character. Overall, The Little Italian Hotel is a warm, funny, sad and yes, uplifting tale.

 See for yourself - read an excerpt of The Little Italian Hotel.

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