Thursday, June 22, 2023

Much Ado About Nada - Uzma Jalaluddin

I absolutely adored Uzma Jalaluddin's last book - Hana Khan Carries On. I couldn't wait to read her newest novel - Much Ado About Nada - and I loved it just as much. 

From the publisher:  "A sparkling second-chance romance inspired by Jane Austen’s Persuasion." Perfect!

Nada Seyd is still living with her parents and brothers in the Golden Crescent neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada. Her mother is bemoaning Nada's single status at the ripe old age of 28. Her bestie, Haleema, convinces her to attend a "giant annual Muslim conference downtown, where Nada can finally meet Haleema's fiancĂ©." She reluctantly agrees to go...and what she didn't want to happen....does. She meets up (again) with Baz...

Jalaluddin has created a wonderful lead in Nada. I loved her inner dialogue, her friendships and her family. Now, the book is told in a now and then timeframe. I have to say, I was surprised and a bit disappointed by young Nada. The past chapters end on some cliffhangers, which only had me staying up late to find out what's next. And as the past and present get closer and closer, everything falls into place. Did not see that coming!

The supporting cast is just as endearing. (I had a soft spot for Nada's younger brother) Most of these players have their own struggles, issues, changes and revelations as well. I cared about each and everyone of them. Except for that one'll know who I mean!

South Asian/Muslim culture plays a large part in Much Ado About Nada. Parental expectations, traditions and moreis woven into the narrative. 

And yes, last, but not least - romance and the sometimes rocky road to love are the driving forces behind Much Ado About Nada. Loved every bit of this book. Uzma Jalaluddin is such a talented storyteller. An easy five stars. See for yourself - read an excerpt of Much Ado About Nada.  @harpercollinsca 

I received a review copy of this title from the publisher. This in no way influences my opinions


Mystica said...

Sounds good with the South Asian culture mix coming in.

Luanne said...

It’s really good Mystica, as was a previous book. I hope you can get a copy to read.

Harvee said...

I'm going to read Persuasion first before I read this! Hope I love both!

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