Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Death Comes to Marlow - Robert Thorogood

I have developed a fondness again for amateur sleuths and cozy mysteries lately. 

Robert Thorogood's newest book is Death Comes to Marlow, the second entry in the Marlow Murder Club series. 

All the comfort bits are there - a small English village, a quirky set of lead and supporting characters, as well as villagers. And more deaths than you would expect in a small community! The trio of sleuths consists of Judith who sets crosswords, Suzie is a dogwalker, and Becks is the Vicar's wife. 

The latest case is a locked room death that could be an accident. Or is it murder? Our trio try to determine the answer to that question by using their own skills - and methods that the police can't. 

I quite like Judith. She's older (which seems to open doors for her), very intelligent, unafraid to speak her mind and is a good friend. The case itself is well written and although I had my suspicions for the final whodunit, Thorogood kept me guessing. Thorogood gives the three a personal touch as well. 

I've chosen to listen to this series. The narrator is Nicolette McKenzie  and she does a fantastic job. She has a growly undertone tone to her voice that absolutely matched the mental image I had created for Judith. Suzi's voice is rough and ready and Becks is so polite and proper. McKenzie enunciates clearly and she is easy to understand. She captures the action and tone of the book easily with her voice.  A great performance of a wonderful tale. I'm already looking forward to book three! Hear for yourself - listen to an audio excerpt of Death Comes to Marlow.

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