Saturday, August 8, 2020

Ask Me Anything - P.Z. Reizin

I enjoyed P.Z. Reizin's previous book, Happiness for Humans (my review). He has just released his newest book - Ask Me Anything.

Happiness for Humans featured two AIs (Artificial Intelligence) as lead characters.The two AI's decide to meddle in Jen and Tom's lives - and help the course of true love along.

Reizin employs the same premise in Ask Me Anything. But, in this case its a fridge/freezer leading the charge. He has decided that Daisy's choice in men is going nowhere. And so he, along with a plethora of other appliances and devices will help the course of love along.

The fridge/freezer has a fun voice - with a wry sense of humor and even philosophical. The supporting cast includes an electric toothbrush (his conversations tend to go in circles), a microwave, the television and more web devices outside Daisy's home, like bar cams, CCTV etc. And this is truly reality. And the appliances yes, they too have 'personalities'. I liked Daisy, but felt like she was more of a prop for the appliances and their agenda.

The road to love is a bumpy one, but you just know its all gonna work out in the end.

Now, I liked As Me Anything, but I felt like it was a story that I'd read before. And I started to grow tired of the fridge/freezers conversations/meetings and plans. It became repetitive - and slow. I ended up not reading straight through, but instead picked it up and down over the course of a few weeks.

Here's an excerpt of Ask Me Anything.

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