Tuesday, August 13, 2019

This Little Light - Lori Lansens

Lori Lansens is one of my favorite writers. (Rush Home Road will always be near and dear to me) Each of her books has brought something different to the page - and her latest - This Little Light - is no exception

This Little Light is set in the near future - 2023. The most frightening thing about this book? It's happening here and now. Abortion has been re-criminalized, as has birth control, 'Virtue Balls' where a teenage girl pledges chastity with a ring (to her father) are the norm, unwanted babies are being sold. And women are being 'kept in line.' Lansens weaves current issues - women's rights, the have and the have nots in terms of money and resources, religion and politics, immigration and more into this latest novel.

This Little Light is told by sixteen year old Rory Miller. Rory is (reluctantly) at her Purity Ball when a bomb goes off. And she and her best friend are now 'the most famous girls in America.' But for all the wrong reasons. They are being accused of being the bombers - and are now on the run. Through her blog over the course of forty eight hours, we get a bigger picture of what is going on - and who might be pulling strings. Why is she being targeted?

Rory questions the way things are, she's a square peg who refuses to go along with the crowd and accept the edicts being given to women. "I never shut up. I never give up. I ask too many questions I'm a contrarian. So I stared my blog, This Little Light." I loved her, I loved her voice and most of all - her courage in questioning.

Lansens has done a good job of finding the voice of a teenager. The dialogue, interior thoughts and actions all ring true. The stream of consciousness as she posts to her blog draws the reader into the action and tension. I was completely caught up in the who and the why. And as the number of pages left to read grew smaller, I couldn't put it down. What would the ending bring? I must admit - I was caught unawares and was gutted. It's right but wrong.

Bottom line? Couldn't put it down. Another great read from Lori Lansens. Who would like this book? If you like The Handmaid's Tale, pick up This Little Light. Here's an excerpt.


bermudaonion said...

I've got to get my hands on this book!

Luanne said...

Hope you do Bermudaonion!