Thursday, August 15, 2019

Someone We Know - Shari Lapena

I read Shari Lapena's first thriller, The Couple Next Door, in 2016 and loved it. I promptly added Lapena to my 'must read' list. Her latest suspense novel is Someone We Know.

Okay, here's the premise - and it's a really good one!

A quiet suburb. A bored teenager who has decided to break into his neighbour's homes and have a look around. Maybe check out what's on their computers, send some emails and see what happens. It might have gone unnoticed had the teenager's mom not left an 'I'm sorry' note at the houses for the break-ins she knows about. Not a good idea at all - there is someone who has a very dark secret in the quiet neighbourhood. And truly, almost every household has secrets they would prefer not to see the light of day.

Great set-up and excellent execution! One action leads to another action and so on, changing the direction of what is going to happen with each new development. (and for many of them, I was mentally yelling no, don't do that!) Lapena kept me guessing - it was impossible to predict what happen next. I quite enjoyed trying to solve the whodunit - yes, there is murderous intent within! And many suspects to choose from.

Suspense and mystery woven together in a very readable, fast paced package. Someone We Know was an excellent read, one I had a hard time putting down. And one that might have you wondering about that neighbour at the end of the an excerpt of Someone We Know.


bermudaonion said...

I loved The Couple Next Door, too, and I'm really glad to see this is just as good!

Luanne said...

I've enjoyed all of her books so far Bermudaonion!