Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Last House Guest - Megan Miranda

Megan Miranda's latest novel is The Last House Guest.

Avery is a townie, living the tourist town of Littleport, Main. Sadie's wealthy father owns many of the local rental properties. When their paths cross, the girls form an unlikely friendship. One that continues for a decade - until Sadie is found dead. It's ruled a suicide, but Avery has trouble believing that - as does a local cop. She feels like they're looking at her....

Miranda's timeline flips from present to past. We see the friendship from Avery's viewpoint. And as she seems to try to convince herself that they were friends and equals, the reader will see cracks and inconsistencies in Avery's memories. I looked forward to those cracks widening as the search for answers progressed. They did, but slowly.

The present introduces us to Sadie's family. I found them cliched - the troubled brother, the parents that never saw Avery as one of them, but only as the employee she is. I thought I should be on Avery's side, but found her unlikable and difficult to connect with. Avery's seemingly selective memories are interesting as they do cast doubt on the suicide theory, as well as the reality of their relationship. And Miranda does give us a nice twist at the end. But.....there was something missing for me. The pacing perhaps - I found it to be a slow burner. Maybe I just went in expecting more as I loved her first two books. All The Missing Girls was a standout. That said, I will be curious to see what Miranda pens next. Read an excerpt of The Last House Guest.


bermudaonion said...

Sorry to see this wasn't as great as her other books.

Luanne said...

Me too, but I'll pick up her next book.

Icewineanne said...

Just picked up her Perfect Stranger yesterday on a 2 for $15 pb sale at Walmart, so I was thrilled to see you had reviewed her latest.
Too bad it was a bit of a letdown. Thanks for the heads up, this is one I will skip.......hoping that I find her Perfect Stranger entertaining ;-)
Cheers - onward to your next 5 star book!!

Luanne said...

I liked Perfect Stranger - hope you will too Icewineanne.