Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Campfire Cookbook - DK Canada

It's summer - and time for cooking outside. Seriously, does anything taste better?!

The Campfire Cookbook: 80 Imaginative Recipes for Cooking Outdoors by by Viola Lex and Nico Stanitzok caught my eye.

Note that the cover does show both a grill and a firepit cooking area. And that's what you'll find inside - recipes for different cooking scenarios. They are coded for use - gas stoves with one or two burner and BBQ's.

I did find that much of the book was devoted to those who have a more permanent setup such as a mobile home or camper van. Many of the recipes call for cooking in an oven ahead of your trip. And the list of ingredients are somewhat extensive for some recipes. White wine vinegar, ginger, dried tarragon etc. For me, these are ingredients I would not be packing for a camping trip.

I did find the sandwich and wrap recipes to be inventive and doable. There are also many make ahead recipes such as granola bars, honey roasted peanuts and nut mixes. And I liked the salads. Some quick freeze dried meal ideas most definitely would work in a camping situation. As would the bread on a stick recipe. Not so much the paella, sea bass and mussels in white wine.

I had a different idea when I saw the title and campfire image on the cover of the book. I was expecting simpler recipes for more rustic settings. That said, the recipes are good and could be made at home instead.

Interspersed are tips and hints. Some of them seem downright simple and common sense - 'to prevent the sandwich ingredients falling out if  you're taking it on the road, 'pack it in paper or plastic sandwich bags.'

Bottom line? Some good recipes - but not as many as I had hoped for true campfire cooking.

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Here's a look inside:

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Always enjoy a good cookbook. Sounds like one to investigate through the library :-)