Saturday, March 24, 2018

Embroider Your Life - Edited by Nathalie Mornu

Gramma and Little Guy spent time in the kitchen with a great kid's cookbook titles last week. March Break might be over, but 'making' never grows old. I love to create and although quilting is my favourite hobby, I've dabbled with embroidery over the years. With the nice weather just around the corner (please!), I am looking to have something a little more portable. Something I can do while sitting in the sun!

DK Canada has some great ideas for adult makers too!  #DKMakerMarch 

Embroider Your Life, 
edited by Nathlie Mornu caught my eye.

I am familiar with the basic techniques and tools needed, but appreciated the refresher that Mornu starts the book off with. Floss and Thread, Hoops, Fabric, Other Tools, Transferring Motifs. Newcomers to embroidery will also appreciate the detailed 'how to stitch' diagrams accompanied by colour photos of the real thing. I picked up some refreshers in this section.

Mornu has  found fresh ideas and designs for embroidery. Clothing, combining paint and floss, modern artwork and more. Stitching on photos and paper. I liked this idea for personalized cards. Stitching on jeans is a retro idea - I think I will revisit this using the idea of working on the turned up cuff. The ideas and concepts in the book are courtesy of 21 designers, artists and makers from North America and England.

Motifs for many designs within the cateogories of communication, the natural world, the designed world and patterns. They are in black and white and could be easily photocopied to transfer to your chosen medium.

Embroider Your Life was a fresh, modern take on an old skill. This art form can be incorporated into and onto many everyday objects and pieces. Eye catching and inspiring. Peek inside Embroider Your Life.

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