Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Walking With Peety - Eric O'Grey - Review AND Giveaway

I am a dog person - and a reader who enjoys a good memoir. I found both in Eric O'Grey's book, Walking With Peety. The book was written with Mark Dagostino. And thanks to Grand Central Publishing, I have a copy to giveaway to one lucky reader!

"In 2010 at age 51, I was 340 pounds at 5’10”, my waist was 52 inches, and I wore 4XL shirts. My doctor told me to purchase a cemetery plot, because I would likely need one within the next five years."

Instead, Eric visits a naturopathic doctor who advises him to eat a plant based diet - and get a dog. The dog will need walking, getting Eric started on some exercise. The results? Amazing. "Over the next year, my weight dropped to 180 pounds, my waist was reduced to 33 inches".

And yes, changing his eating habits was a major part of that transformation. But the real catalyst was Peety - an older, overweight dog, surrendered by his family to a shelter. He needed rescuing reducing, but in the end it was Peety who rescued Eric. (Peety also lost 25 pounds along the way a well!)

From having no friends, no partner, no joy in the everyday and failing health, Eric completely changed his life and mental and physical health with the help of Peety. Walking With Peety is an inspirational story - and a testament to the love of a dog.

O'Grey registers Peety as a service dog. He does have a valid medical reason for this designation, but I question not having the dog trained by a professional service dog trainer. Instead he trains both Peety and his next dog himself. There may be more to this aspect that was not included in the book.

Overall, Walking With Peety was a wonderfully uplifting read. And an inspiration for those looking to make some changes in their lives. Read an excerpt of Walking With Peety.

You can connect with Eric O'Grey on his website, like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

And if you too would like to read Walking With Peety, enter to win a copy using the Rafflecopter form below. Open to US and Canada, no PO boxes please. Ends November 18/17.


bermudaonion said...

It sounds like they rescued each other. There is some controversy over so many people registering their dogs as service dogs.

Mystica said...

Both did a service to each other!

traveler said...

Wonderful and captivating. Thanks.

John Smith said...

That Peety looks great! I love mutts and all sorts of dogs!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy dog stories, but what intrigues me is the plant based diet. I have been hearing so much about this diet. Is it really the better way to eat or the latest fad diet?

Tammy Dalley said...

I love dog stories! Thanks for the chance!

jemrah said...

i am a dog person, too - i love a heartwarming dog story !