Thursday, November 2, 2017

Saving Sophie - Sam Carrington

Saving Sophie is from British author Sam Carrington.

Karen's seventeen year old daughter Sophie is brought home by the police after a drunken night out with friends. The next day she has no memory of what happened on the night out. Which isn't good - as her friend Amy still hasn't been home either. And then a body is found.

Karen is determined to protect her own daughter, but wonders if Sophie truly can't remember a do the police.

Carrington has given Karen an interesting affliction - she's agoraphobic. This severely limits what she can do from the confines of her house. It also allows the rest of her family to walk out the door on her. Her mental state plays a large part in her reactions to what is happening.

What I did find (okay more than) a bit hard to swallow was Karen and Sophie's relationship. While Karen seems prepared to absolve Sophie of any wrong doing, Sophie seems just as determined to annoy and distress her mother at every turn. And I really didn't like Karen herself any better. Just as awkward and disturbing was husband Mike's treatment of Karen. Truly awful.

* slight spoiler - stop now if you're going to read the book.*

Why, oh why does no one take what they know to the police?! Sophie and Karen. Because they're going to find out whdunit and why on their own? *snorts* I found the depiction of the police and their eventual investigation improbable. They walk away from solid leads and don't follow up with others.

I did finish the book as I wanted to see how Carrington would tie her ends together. Sadly I found that too unbelievable. Saving Sophie had a good premise as a base, but I found it lacking in execution. The actual title of the book appears as "Saving Sophie: A gripping psychological thriller with a brilliant twist." That long and detailed subtitle? Trying too hard. Read an excerpt of Saving Sophie.

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Sounds like a book to skip.