Monday, March 13, 2017

Walk Away - Sam Hawken

Sam Hawken has just released Walk Away - the second book in his Camaro Espinoza series. I hadn't read the first, but Walk Away can absolutely be read as a stand alone.

Camaro? She's a former combat medic who knows how to fight. She never backs down or walks away. When her sister Annabel asks her for help with an abusive boyfriend, she's on her way across country without a second thought. After all, family is family. But that abusive boyfriend has family too. And he's even worse than his brother.  What starts out as a simple warning off soon turns deadly - for a lot of people.

I loved Camaro! Who doesn't love a kick butt female lead? (Think female Jack Reacher) Hawken slowly reveals bits and pieces of the sisters' past. I wasn't too sure about her sister - she's 'weaker' if you will, and seems to have has a history of making bad choices and needing help to clean up. I really liked two of the supporting cast - bail bondsman Yates and Deputy Marshall Hannon. I hope to see Yates in a future book. But boy oh boy, Marshall Way is a piece of work. He's a loose cannon with a temper. Hawken has written him well - it's impossible not to have a visceral reaction to this man.

Hawken's plot is well conceived and things move along at a quick pace. Great short snappy dialogue to match. And lots of action. Walk Away kinda reads like an action film. And I can absolutely see it as a movie. I look forward to the third installment. Read an excerpt of Walk Away.

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This sounds like my kind of book!