Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sleep Tight - Rachel Abbott

I love audiobooks - they're great for taking on the go with you and for me - when I can't sleep. Mysteries and suspense novels are my fave (I have a fondness for British authors) and I'm always happy to discover new authors. Rachel Abbott is a new to me author and one I would absolutely listen to again. Sleep Tight is the one I chose to start with.

Olivia Brookes's children are the most important thing in her life. When she comes home one day to find them - and her husband missing - she fears the worst. Tragedy is not a stranger to Olivia. DCI Tom Douglas is called in. Thankfully they are located - and no harm done. Or is it? Two years later DCI Douglas is called in again - this time to investigate the disappearance of Olivia and her children. But, this time there may not be such a happy outcome. Olivia has left her purse, the car is in the garage and oddly enough, all the pictures of the family have been destroyed.

Excellent premise and great plotting! I had my suspicions as to what had happened, but I'm happy to say I wasn't completely right. I love twisty, turny who's telling the truth and who's lying books. Abbot has penned a good one. And I enjoyed this one all more I think because I listened to it.

Reader's voices and interpretations of a novelist's work can make or break a story for a listener. Sleep Tight employs two readers - Melody Grove and Andrew Wincott. Both narrators have voices that are clear, pleasant and easy to understand (both are British).  I thought the voices - Grove's quieter and Wincott's more powerful - suited the mental images I created for the characters. Some readers have the ability to create numerous voice for all the characters, but I quite enjoy multiple cast members. I liked the dual narrative - it made me feel like I am more involved in the story and the investigation, rather than just an observer.

I thought Sleep Tight was a really good listen.  See for yourself - here's an audio excerpt of Sleep Tight.

Fun fact: "On 5th August 2015 Amazon confirmed that Rachel Abbott is the #1 bestselling author in the UK on the Kindle over the past five years."

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