Wednesday, September 16, 2015

No Cure For Love - Peter Robinson

As a die-hard Peter Robinson fan, I was excited to see that No Cure For Love was being re-released on the 20th anniversary of the first publication. I've read all of the Inspector Banks series and the recent stand-alones, but this is one title I had never gotten my hands on.

A great prologue sets the tenor for No Cure For Love. Actress Sarah Broughton has received yet another letter from a decidedly unbalanced and dangerous 'admirer'. Detective Arvo Hughes of the LAPD Threat Management Unit is contacted by Sarah's agent. Sarah herself doesn't seem as worried as her agent - and Arvo. Until an offering is left on the beach outside her home. And Arvo discovers that Sarah has a past she's not keen to talk about. The threats escalate as does the action and mystery. (This plot could be set in today' world given the rise of society's celebrity worship)

"...he also knew that all the statistics in the world can't protect you from the random element, the unpredictable, the one that just doesn't fit. Call him the psycho, as Joe had, or the serial killer, whatever you want, but know that he will take all you think you know, believe and understand, and turn it inside out right in front of your eyes before ripping it to shreds." Robinson has created a downright frightening antagonist.

Arvo is such a great character! I can see bits of Banks in him. Arvo is a movie fan ('50's sci-fi), instead of music. But he too is just as engaging a character - more than capable and tenacious on the job, affable but vulnerable in private. I enjoyed his partner Maria as well and the give and take between her and Arvo.

This is early Peter Robinson. I can see definitely see a difference between current works and this past book. His style has matured and is now one of the best mystery series out there. However, I do have to say that I enjoyed this book. Sarah is an actress on a television police drama. Picture t.v. cop shows from twenty years ago and you'll have the feel of No Cure For Love. The whodunit is excellent - there are some references to the final reveal that sharp readers will catch.

Twenty years have passed - is Arvo still on the job? Still in the same unit? (Goodness knows, stalkers abound) Could we maybe have an update - a new book featuring Arvo? Maybe a cross pond tale with both Banks and Hughes? Hmmm, sounds good to me! I'm quite pleased to have added No Cure For Love to my collection. Read an excerpt of No Cure For Love. 

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