Friday, October 24, 2014

Film on Friday #25 - For a Woman

For a Woman is newly released from Film Movement. As with all of their films, it was a selection at numerous film festivals.

Many of (Academy Award nominee) director Diane Kurys's film are autobiographical in subject matter. She has used her parent's divorce and her relationship with her sister as inspiration for previous films.

For a Woman found its origins in a picture Kurys found in her mother's (Lena) things after her death. It showed her, her mother and her father's (Michel) brother - Uncle Jean - a name and a man not discussed in the family.

For a Woman is begins in the 1980's when one of two sisters, Anne, finds that same picture. Kurys imagines what is behind that photo, exploring her parent's lives from their escape from a Nazi concentration camp, to their life in Lyon, France, her father's political leanings, the aftermath of WWII - and the mysterious Jean.

This was a wonderful period piece, exploring a point in history from a very personal and intimate view. The setting, the clothes, the attitudes were all exceptionally well done, supporting the director's view and transporting the viewer to the past.

But, what shines in this film are the relationships between the three main characters. The actors were superb, each portraying their role believably. I was caught up in the story immediately and remained so until the credits rolled. This is one of my favourite releases this year.

As always there is a short film included. Le Ballon de Rouge was just as good as the main feature. A young man offers an unhappy young woman a look at the life she could have - if she walks away with him immediately,

2013 / French with English subtitles / 110 min

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bermudaonion said...

This sounds captivating but I do struggle with subtitled films.