Friday, May 2, 2014

Spun - Catherine McKenzie

I've been a fan of Catherine McKenzie's from her first book - Spin.

Spin tells the tale of Katie, a woman desperate to get a job at the music magazine - The Line. What will she do to get that job? Sacrifice her own principles? Lie? Go to rehab to spy on celebrity 'it' girl Amber Sheppard and spill the details to the public? She does indeed head to rehab.....(my review)

Spin is Katie's story, but McKenzie has just released Spun - a novella that catches up with Amber - and what happened after rehab...

Two years on, Amber has managed to stay clean, but no one believes her. The paparazzi still hound her but casting agents aren't calling. One person, though,  is still pursuing her. Connor, the love of her life. And  he's a lot of the reason she ended up in rehab.

McKenzie has an easy, breezy style of writing that is fun to read. Spun gives us a completely different take on the Amber that appeared in Spin. Other characters from Spin also make cameos and let us catch up with their lives. But Spun belongs to Amber. She's matured and is trying to move on but has yet to convince her friends, family and fans. McKenzie does a great job at imagining what a celeb's life might be like. Amber's story is heartfelt, heartbreaking and life affirming. Catherine manages to fit a big story into a sweet little one sitting read.

For those that haven't read Spin, there's an excerpt (and one for Hidden as well) at the back of the book. Amber's playlist is included as well - a song to fit every chapter.

But even better - Harper Collins Canada is holding a giveaway - five copies of Spin are up for grabs!  You can enter here at The Savvy Reader.

Keep up with Catherine McKenzie  on Twitter and on Facebook and on her website. This fan will be watching for news of her next book.


Teena in Toronto said...

I finished it this afternoon ... it was cute :)

Luanne said...

It was, a fun little read for sure.