Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Rental - Mary Kay Andrews

I listen to at least one audio book over the course of a week, driving back and forth to work. I had great fun listening to Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews this week. As summer is (finally) on it's way, it seemed a quite appropriate choice.

Dorie, Ellis and Julia have been best friends since their childhood days in Georgia. They've kept in touch even as their lives diverged. Now in their thirties, each is facing a significant turning point in their life. Who better to commiserate with than your best friends? And where could be more relaxing than a cottage on North Carolina's Outer Banks? But - mix in a woman on the run and a very interesting neighbour in the garage apartment - and things get a little hotter in North Carolina.

Mary Kay Andrews creates the most engaging characters. All three women were very different, but all of them were someone you'd love to have as a friend. Dorie is gentle, sweet and kind, Ellis is the organizer and practical one and  Julia is the risk taker and the most outspoken.  Each is a very different personality that brings something different to the story. (I have to say, Julia was my favourite)

The reader was Isabel Keating. She has a wonderfully rich and resonant voice. (She works as an actor as well) Keating creates a voice for each character that perfectly embodied the mental image I had imagined for each woman. Her Southern accent was lovely to listen to - and believable. She captured the tone of the book - from fun to danger...and more. Yes, there's much more to the story than women sitting on the beach in the sun! Andrews has penned a fun novel, but there are some truths hidden there as well...

Andrews' writing style is light, breezy and chock full of southern charm. She herself makes her home between Georgia and North Carolina, so her setting descriptions conjure up quite vivid mental pictures. The cottage with it's sandy floors and worn paint just called to me. And so did that beach chair, just sitting watching the tide roll out.

Great summer listening? Absolutely! Rental is an easy, entertaining listen, perfect summer escapist fare. Pop it into the player on your way to the cottage.  Listen to an excerpt of Summer Rental.

I'm looking forward to Andrews' latest release - Save the Date, out June 3/14. You can keep up with Mary Kay on Twitter.

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Mystica said...

I've not listened to a book on audio other than a long flight from Melbourne to Colombo where I finished the whole book. I think a lot depends on the quality as you say of the reader. This sounds so good. The story as well.