Saturday, October 5, 2013

Star Wars Reads Day II with DK Canada

Today is Star War Reads Day II!! Huh?
"Star Wars Reads is an international day-long celebration of literacy and all things Star Wars."
Fans of reading and a certain galaxy far, far away have reason to rejoice: Star Wars Reads Day II is coming to Canada October 5, 2013. And we're celebrating with DK Canada today!
And to help me celebrate  - I have a very special guest blogger today!
 Five year old Max is the reviewer today! (With a little help from his Mom!)
Check out what he had to say about some of Dorling Kindersley's great Star Wars Leveled readers.
Star Wars - The Clone Wars: Don’t Wake Up the Zillo Beast (Pre - Level 1) By Jon Richards

"My name is Max and I like this book.

It talks about the creatures in Ztar Wars. My favourite is the Zillo Beast because it is really big and I like big stuff. Mom likes this book because it gives us clues on how to say the words.

We both like the pictures. I think my friends would like this book."

Star Wars - The Clone Wars: Chewbacca and the Wookie Warriors (Level 2) By Simon Beercroft

This book is about Wookies, but mostly Chewbacca. It teaches people about the ways of the Wookie. They are big but only scary if you are fighting them. My mom says Chewie is bigger than my dad. He is very old, 200 years old, but they can be older than 600 years. He helps Ahsoka get away from his enemy, the Trandoshans. I would like it more if it talked about other Wookies.

I needed only a little help from my mom with the big words. I think people who like furry things would like this book because Wookies are very furry. It was fun to do the quiz."

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Bounty Hunters for Hire (Level 2)
By Catherine Saunders

"This book is about Bounty Hunters. I can read this book with help from my mom. My favourite bounty hunter is 4-LOM because he’s a robot and a bounty hunter at the same time. He teams up with Zuckuss to help sometimes. There are lots of bounty hunters and they work for bad guys like Jabba the Hutt.

I like that there is a quiz at the end of the book; it is fun to look for the answers. I think that someone who likes Star Wars and want to learn about bounty hunters should read this book

 Thank you Max for helping us to celebrate reading! Your reviews are wonderful!
Check out the Star Wars Reads Facebook Page. May the force be with you!

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