Friday, October 4, 2013

Getting crafty with DK Canada

My favourite leisure activity is reading - no surprise eh? But running a close second is creating. I love trying new crafts at least once and my craft room (yes I am lucky enough to have a whole room to myself) reflects that!
I always enjoy giving a gift that's hand crafted - it's personal and unique. To help you find ideas, DKCanada has a great selection of craft books on a 30% off until Oct. 15/13. The one that caught my eye was Handmade Gifts. There are so many ideas and choices within - all categorized under recipient categories: For the Home, Jewellery, Pampering, Accessories, Pet Lovers, Edible Gifts and Gift Wrap. Within those categories are a wealth of ideas and techniques. Some crafts were not new to me, but the ideas were.
There's a great idea for handmade journals using personalized covers, such as old maps that I think would translate well into a craft for the teens at my library. The same method could be used to produce photo albums. Another great (inexpensive too!) idea was using found or dollar store vases and customizing them with a homemade stencil and permanent marker. Easy and cute.
Soap making is a little more involved. When I worked as a historical interpreter, I made lye soap regularly as a demonstration. The luxury soaps in Handmade Gifts might be a little easier on the skin! Here's a look at the instructions for lemon soap. (Soap variations link here) This sneak peek also gives you an idea of why I love Dorling Kindersely books - there are always full colour, clear pictures to accompany instructions or descriptions. Instructions are concise and easily understood. The layout of DK books is attractive and geared towards the reader.
With Christmas coming up, home baked cookies and truffles are perfect hostess gifts. (The macarons look delicious!) Recipes included along with some great ways to 'wrap' food items. How to wrap or present those other gifts? How about a hand stenciled bag that can be re-used. Your imagination is the limit on designs. Hand stamp some Kraft paper with the little ones. (another idea for a craft for the smaller folk at my library)There are templates for creating your own gift bags with ribbon handles as well as folding boxes.

Indulge your creative side! And if you start'll be ready for Christmas. :)

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