Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kill You Twice - Chelsea Cain

Chelsea Cain writes thrillers with a twist. Her latest book Kill You Twice is the fifth book in the Archie Sehridan/Gretchen Lowell series. No, they're not a pair of detectives. Rather, Archie is a Portland detective and Gretchen...Well Gretchen is a serial killer with no fixed address. Except she does now - she's securely locked away in a psych ward.

Archie and Gretchen have a complicated relationship. He's the one who put her away, but he still finds himself attracted to her despite the fact that Gretchen, also known as the Beauty Killer, nearly killed him.

A fresh set of killings in Portland look like they might be the work of Gretchen. But they can't be - she is locked away. Is it a copycat? An apprentice? Gretchen claims to have information - but only if Archie comes himself. If he does, their intricate game of cat and mouse will resume.

Devoted fans of this series will be thrilled to find that some of Gretchen's past is finally revealed. Favourite (for me) characters such as reporter Susan are included - again with some unexpected revelations. Archie - well Archie is just as enigmatic, dogged and determined as ever. But his judgement is always clouded when it comes to Gretchen.

I chose to listen Kill You Twice and actually think I'll listen to future books in this series. The reader was Christina Delaine and she was excellent. She had a nice, low gravelly voice for Archie. Her voice for Gretchen was sexy and scary at the same time. And Susan - Delaine has come up with a slightly squeaky voice that really does conjure up the image I had in mind. Delaine is a truly expressive reader. And very easy to listen to.

The plot is quite devious and the story moved along really well. I enjoy the cat and mouse game between Archie and Gretchen. And I'm pretty sure Cain has more in mind for these two.

Listen to an excerpt of Kill You Twice. Or read an excerpt.

Fair warning to gentle readers/listeners - this series may not be for you. Cain writes graphic, gory thrillers.  In her own words "But I guess that I shouldn't be surprised to find myself writing thrillers. It does bring together many of my interests: forensic pathology, medicine, damaged heroes, dead pets, Nancy Drew, TV cops shows, my home of Portland, Oregon, and having an excuse to be alone in a room for long periods." You can find Chelsea Cain on Twitter.

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