Monday, October 29, 2012

Giveaway - Crystal Clear - Jane Heller

Jane Heller started out promoting authors, but ended up switching hats - she's been writing chick lit for the last fifteen years, with thirteen books to her credit. And to celebrate her backlist now being available in ebook format, I have a digital copy of Crystal Clear up for grabs.

From the publisher:

"Practical, no-nonsense New York accountant Crystal Goldstein is the last person to buy into her friend Rona’s New Age philosophies – no psychics, no tarot readers, no aura cleansers. But Crystal is long overdue for a vacation and when she takes Rona’s suggestion to travel to Sedona, Arizona, she finds herself in the epicenter of all things metaphysical.

After checking in at the posh Tranquility resort, Crystal signs up for the five-day “Sacred Earth Jeep Tour” figuring a little enlightenment couldn’t hurt. Also along for the tour is fellow hotel guest and international socialite Amanda Wells Reid, who should provide some interesting people watching, if nothing else. But – surprise! – it’s Terry Hollenbeck, the tour driver, who needs watching.

Crystal is stunned to be reunited with Terry, the irresistibly handsome, totally irresponsible husband she divorced years ago. He’s been living in Sedona since they split up, raising his daughter, working hard and becoming a grownup. Who would have guessed that his appeal for Crystal would be stronger than ever?" Read an excerpt of Crystal Clear. You can find Jane Heller on Facebook and on Twitter.

Sound like a book you'd like to read? Simply leave a comment to be entered for a digital copy of Crystal Clear. Please make sure I have a way to contact you - either through email or on your blog. Ends Nov 17th. And because it's digital - it's international!

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holdenj said...

I've read a couple of Heller's books and would love to be entered for Crystal Clear. Glad to hear her books are all coming out as e-books now.