Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Third Gate - Lincoln Child

Lincoln Child is one half of the prolific writing duo Preston and Child. (Their recurring protagonist Pendergast is one of my favourites) But each of these authors manges to find time to put out individual books as well.

The Third Gate is Lincoln Child's  latest solo offering.

Professor Jeremy Logan refers to himself as an "enigmalogist" - sleuthing out the unexplained that may have real scientific origins or those that are otherworldly. Treasure hunter Porter Stone hires Jeremy to work on his latest project. Porter believes that there is a priceless Egyptian artifact hidden in the depths of the seemingly impenetrable swamp that is the Sudd. But his floating archaeological base has been beset by problems and anomalies - some that can't be explained away. Could it be the curse of the Egyptian King Narmer whose burial place they are digging up? And what of the wife of the site's doctor? She claims to be able to channel those long dead. Is it a scam or is it the real thing? Is the past coming to haunt the present? Can Jeremy ferret out the truth?

Logan was a likable character, calm, thoughtful and intelligent. Had he been an excitable over the top protagonist, the storyline just wouldn't have worked. I hope that Child has future plans for Jeremy - I can see him exploring more of the unexplained.

This is the kind of book that Child excels at - pure unadulterated, escapist, entertainment reading. Mummies, curses, treasure, science and supernatural - if you're happy to suspend disbelief and just enjoy an adventurous tale full of what ifs, than this is the perfect summer read for you. (along with a bag of chips) Fans of the Indiana Jones types of novel would enjoy this book. Read an excerpt of The Third Gate.

(Take note that Child has fiddled with some of the Egyptology - in his afterword he notes that some dates and rites have been changed to fit the story and are not necessarily fact)

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