Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Iron House - John Hart

John Hart is an author whose books have crossed my counter many times, but up until now I had not read. His latest release is Iron House.

Orphaned brothers Michael and Julian landed at the Iron Mountain Home for Boys. It's a brutal place, where the strong survive. Michael is strong and tries to protect his younger and weaker brother Julian. But Julian is preyed upon ceaselessly. Until the day Julian is adopted - and Michael is on the run for murder. Their lives are complete opposites. Michael ends up on the streets and finally under the wing of a ruthless gangster, acquiring the skill sets of a killer. Julian is adopted by Abigail, the wife of a senator, and lives a life of privilege. Neither thought they would see each other again. Until it all starts to unravel....

Hart has crafted a thriller with more than a touch of 'saga' as well - a tale of love and loss, of damnation and redemption, treachery and loyalty and so much more.  The plot is well thought out but it is the exploration of relationships that takes precedence. I'm torn as to how I feel about the characters. Most of them are tortured souls - the book exudes a heavy Southern Gothic feel. I'm not sure if I really ever felt any of them were 'redeemed'.

That being said, it was a fast paced read with lots of action. If you're looking for entertainment without raising too many questions, you'll be satisfied.

Read an excerpt of Iron House. You can find John Hart on Twitter and on Facebook.

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bermudaonion said...

Hart is a favorite author in our area, but I've never read his work. I feel like I need to just to see what