Friday, September 2, 2011

The Devil Colony - James Rollins

James Rollins is back with another chapter in his successful Sigma Force series The Devil Colony.

The book opens with a great catch your attention scene. A cave of long buried undiscovered mummified bodies in found in the Rocky Mountains. Various factions are laying claim to the find - The Native American Heritage Commission and a radical group of Native Americans. The discovery of solid gold artifacts with mysterious writing on them only heightens the mystery and the stakes.

Painter Crowe, a member of Sigma Force, is drawn into the controversy. It is his neice who steals a valuable artifact and leaves a dead body behind.

From there the plot thickens - throw in the founding fathers Jefferson and Franklin, the Mormons, nanotubes, lost Hebrew tribes and a whole lot more.

This is where Rollins shines - his plots are intricate and raise a lot of what if questions with the reader and the action is non stop. The personal lives of the members of Sigma Force continue to evolve as well, adding a personal touch to the book and a continum.

When my son was a teen, he was a reluctant reader. I tried many authors to see if I could capture his interest and get him reading again. Rollins was the key. He just finished The Devil Colony as well. I asked him why he enjoyed Rollins as an author..."I like how he takes facts and blends them into a fictional story. Lots of times I go and look up some of the history or subjects he's writing about. He's created a great group of characters - I can picture them all every time I read one of his books. The action is great, there's lots of detail clearly written,  I'm not bored and he always grabs my attention in the first chapter." Read an excerpt of The Devil Colony.

I listened to the audio version of The Devil Colony. The reader was Peter Jay Fernandez. His voice is rich and very expressive, conveying the action and suspense of the book easily. His diction is clear and he is very easy to listen to. Listen to an excerpt of The Devil Colony.

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bermudaonion said...

If a book makes you look up facts, it's a winner! I think I need to check out Rollins' work.