Friday, April 1, 2011

How to Grow Practically Everything - Dorling Kindersley Publishing

I've been perusing seed catalogues since early January, made my final decisions in February and the seeds arrived this month. I'll be starting some of them indoors and hopefully the snow finally leaves so I can get started!

The other book I've been perusing  is How to Grow Practically Everything from Dorling Kindersley. And this is a book I will be continually perusing - there is so much information! My main focus for years has been my vegetable garden, but I've been mentally planning flower beds for ages. All I need to know is found on these pages.

The book starts off with the basics - plant types,soil,tools and seasonal tasks. And here's where I've been drooling - tons of plans for different types of flower beds- there were literally 36 different styles each incorporating a distinctive look. I'm leaning towards a 'cottage' look. Check out one of the styles here.

No room for beds? Another whole section on container gardening. When I was younger and lived in the city I did grow tomatoes on my balcony. And one interesting experiment with potatoes on a window sill in the winter that my room mate questioned. Both plants and veggies are covered. Foolproof directions for seeds that can't fail (great for a little one to plant and watch grow) pot selections and more  - all included.

Not just plants are covered - trees and hedges are featured as well. Many of these ideas incorporate structures as well - trellises, obelisks and rockery walls. Next up was my favourite section - fruits and veggies. There's always more to learn.

This was something that I thought I would like to do in the future as well - water gardening. I would love to sit beside a little burbling pond and relax. How-to's for the pond and plants that would thrive included. And it's not just the outdoors covered - houseplants have their own chapter as well.

The last chapter covers weeds, (this I will be using for sure) pest control, pruning and more.

How to Grow Practically Anything is 448 pages full of great information and full colour photographs. The layout is clean and easy to read. Just what I've come to expect from DK - an excellent reference tool - one I will be referring to often!

Now - off to start my tomatoes inside!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great reference book. I can't wait to start my gardens, either.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I'm not the gardener (I'm more of a wild flower gal) but my husband is. I'll pass this his way!