Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jack Wakes Up - Seth Harwood

Seth Harwood used social media and the blogging world to take his first novel Jack Wakes Up climbing up the sales ranking charts at and into a book deal with Random House. Over 10,000 people are avid listeners, tuning in to his podcasts. And the new release from Random features a cover blurb from one of my favourite crime authors Michael Connelly. I just had to read it.

Jack Palms was an action film start until drugs scuppered his career. He's been clean and sober for three years now, but money is becoming an issue. When an old Hollywood friend asks him to help show some clients a good time while they're in San Francisco, he agrees. But the clients are Czech drug dealers, possibly ex-KGB, their buyers are Columbian kingpins and the female bartender he's sleeping with may be serving up more than just drinks.

It's getting a little crazy...and you know what? Jack's having a blast.

Non stop action, a crazy plot, raw dialogue and yes, some laughs all add up to a really great read. Harwood's writing put me in mind of Elmore Leonard. Lots of pulp and violence. I can totally see this being made into a movie, a la Quentin Tarantino or Get Shorty.

I don't think Harwood will have to work so hard to get his next book noticed.....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like one I need to check out. I love Elmore Leonard.

Seth Harwood said...

Thanks, Luanne, glad to see you liked the book!
Carol: yes, enjoy it!!

For anyone who'd like to read the first three chapters free, you can find a PDF of them, as well as free audio podcasts of me reading the entire novel at my website, and on iTunes.

All my best! I'm revising book 2 now to submit it to my editor. If you'd like to listen to an early draft, that's on my site too as free audio!



bermudaonion said...

I love that the author used blogging and social media to promote his book! The book sounds good, too - I'll have to check out the pdf file.

Ladytink_534 said...

I don't really like the cover but it sounds like a good story. Could easily be a movie.