Monday, September 18, 2023

Murder in the Family - Cara Hunter

Oh wow! Cara Hunter's new book, Murder in the Family, is crazy good! 

Why? Well, first up is the style used in telling the tale. It's an epistolary novel - not bits of it, but all of it! 

The book is setup as a true crime show with six experts determined to solve a twenty year old cold case. Police reports, emails, memos, online chat rooms, interviews, memories, newspaper clippings, texts, messages, old photos, suppositions, clues and more are all there for the reader to see.

But - can you determine who the culprit is? I couldn't! Which is absolutely fine with me. I truly enjoy being unable to solve a mystery book. Hunter makes it very difficult to solve, with multiple twists and turns that change the direction of the investigation. Fantastic!

There is a large cast of characters in Murder in the Family. There's a detailed bio for each of the prime characters at the beginning of the book. I had to refer to it at first, but I came to 'know' them all as the book progressed. There's a wide variety of personalities. Some will rub you the wrong way, others are know-it-all, some are secretive and more....

Murder in the Family was a treat to read. Addictive, clever and unique. Loved it. See for yourself - read an excerpt of Murder in the Family. 

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Mystica said...

Author new to me but I like stories like this. Thanks for sharing.