Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Drift - C.J. Tudor

Oh, I have been waiting for C.J. Tudor's new book - The Drift

Tudor has a very dark imagination - and I absolutely love it. Her books always keep me on the edge of my chair, rapidly turning pages.

The Drift is told through three different protagonists. 

Hannah wakes up in the school bus that was taking students to a retreat. But it's not on the road any longer. In the middle of a snowstorm, the bus has crashed and hurtled down a hill. They're trapped inside. Oh, and some of the passengers are sick...

Meg wakes up in a cable car that's not moving - in a snow storm. She has no idea how she got there and who the other riders are. Except for one - a cop from her past. At one time they both worked on the Infection Control and Public Unrest squad. (Gotcha wondering, right?) One thing they all agree on is that they were headed for a retreat. Oh, and some of the passengers are sick....

Carter, and a handful of others, live at The Retreat. Their generator dies when a snow storm hits. And puts their lives - and others - in jeopardy.

The Drift is told in rotation, from one location and protagonist to the next and the next. I adore this style of storytelling and literally can't put down a book told in this fashion. Tudor changes tack at critical moments, surprise revelations and dangerous situations, closing out the chapter and moving on to the next. I have to know what's going on so I just keep turning the page.

The plotting is brilliant. I had so many questions! What, if anything, will tie these three scenarios together? Apart from the snowstorm that is. Tudor is delightfully devious in presenting her tale. There was more that once where I went back and re-read a sentence and started to piece things together. And then I got tripped up with the twists Tudor lays out before the reader.

Tudor write such suspense filled books with a side of horror and mystery. The Drift was very, very good for this reader! See for yourself - read an excerpt of The Drift.  

(The title is clever as well, with many ways it can be used and interpreted.)  


Kay said...

I got this one this morning on my Kindle and then got the notice that I could borrow the audio from the library as well. Lovely. May do a read/listen and thanks for whetting my appetite here. You definitely did that with your descriptions.

Luanne said...

I need to try a read/listen someday. It was such an addicting tale with the threes narratives. I look forward to hearing what you thought!

Kay said...

OK, Luanne, I finished THE DRIFT. Wow. Not sure all readers would be ready for this one, but I was kept quite interested as the story progressed. I wrote about it today on my blog. Did sorta guess what was going on, but not completely.