Monday, August 2, 2021

If The Shoe Fits - Julie Murphy

A new Julie Murphy book! If The Shoe Fits is the first entry in a new adult series that is "inspired by the classic fairy tale stories we all know and love, perfect for adult readers who crave contemporary, escapist rom-coms." That's me!

Cindy has a stepmother, two stepsisters (but nice ones), loves shoes and fashion. Hmm, getting an idea yet? There are some balls and …. yes a prince of sorts.

All the elements are in place for an absolutely wonderful escapist fairy tale of a read. Murphy puts her own signature style on this tale. Cindy lands on a reality television show called Before Midnight. She's a plus size woman that viewers adore. Cindy's happy to be a positive model for women. But what about the competition for the bachelor's heart and hand? She's not interested - or is she? I loved Murphy's take on the Bachelor premise.

But it is Cindy that will steal your heart - her love of her family, friends and most importantly - herself. The slow building relationship between Cindy and Henry is just right for a rom-com novel, full of lots of  yes/no/maybe so's. But what will happen at midnight? Will Cindy find her prince - or follow her heart and find her own dreams?

I love Murphy's writing - she tackles real issues in her novels, always creates a wonderful protagonist and her prose keep me eagerly turning pages. Sad to say I finished this one in a day. More please!


Vicki said...

This book sounds really good so I'm going to find a copy. I haven't heard about this book so thanks so much for post about this book.

I love Cinderella (The Wizard Of Oz). Both were on tv once a year when I was a kid and I watched them every year. Then I got both movies and still watch them every once in a while.

Luanne said...

Oh, I'm so glad this one appealed to you Vicki - I hope you enjoy it.