Monday, August 23, 2021

About Us - Sinead Moriarty

Sinead Moriarty's new novel has three couples and one therapist's couch as the base for her new book, About Us

Moriarty has cleverly chosen three couples of varying ages and stages of life, each with their share of issues and conundrums. So, there's a character or situation that any reader can connect with.

Ken and Ann are at the retirement stage of life, but it's not living up to what either had imagined. Niall and Alice have four children and not a lot of energy left for each other. Orla is carrying baggage from her past and has a medical issue. She meets Paul and adores him, but can their relationship thrive?

The therapist all three attend is an American who has set up practice in Ireland. I found this a bit odd. Do Irish therapists not tackle sexual issues? Sex does seem to be the biggest 'problem' brought to the office, although other issues are explored as well. 

The chapters rotate through the three sets of characters. About Us is told from the women's viewpoints. I found myself most drawn to Alice, but the other two women are just as likable. I thought Moriarty did a good job portraying the women's inner thoughts, needs and wants. The therapist's advice seems reasonable and well written. But. Yes, for me there's a but. I grew tired of the therapist's scenes. While there is some what I assume is good advice (was an actual therapist consulted?), I found it becoming a bit 'textbooky' and repetitive for me. And that slowed down my finishing the book. I do think things could have been reconciled a bit sooner.

About Us was an okay read for me, but not a standout. And for me, not as funny as some have mentioned. See what others thought on Goodreads

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